Telemedicine Appointments

Step 1

Click the link provided on your mobile device. This will require you to download the Medici App.

Step 2

Once downloaded, please create an account. You will receive a notification asking if you would like to add the activation code “JAMESCREEK” into your account. Click “Accept.”

Step 3

When you are in, return to Home page to begin the process!*

*NOTE: This process will only work with new Users. If you have downloaded the Medici app before, the activation code can simply be added by selecting “Settings -> Activation Code”

Testimonials From Patients

“The way I feel now vs my heaviest is amazing, I don’t know why I let myself…”

Now I still do keto but not 100% as when I started but I have maintained my weight at 280lb. My heaviest was 340lb. My goal is to reach 220lb – 240lb. Doing keto, fasting, walking /running helped me lose 60lbs.

“My life, my attitude and my thinking changed. I was a completely different person.”

I remember ever since being a little girl watching my mom and my grandma struggling with weight loss. I remember they were always searching for the latest diet menus trying every single diet pill that someone recommended. Spending hundreds and hundreds…